Be good to something, not for everithing

Be good for something, not to everything.

One of the delicate tasks for entrepreneurs, is that question : what product I am going to offer? Which will be my best service? This it is my better understanding to these questions.

All person came to this world to serve to somebody that is no doubt, if not , we would not be able to work, the systems in all the levels are created this way.

But there’s a small problem, I’m not know me and I am not know where I go.

In the course of my life, that is not long, I have seen myself in several works, in fact I start at nine years of age, I works in factories of glass lamps, selling imitations of plaster of personages of Disney, doing deliveries to the neighborhood queens and other little tasks I made after school hours.

My family lived in a colonia call Castillo ( Castle) , here in Tijuana, Mexico, was surrounded by two pantheons, in the important days of the year; in the dates in which people take flowers to the tombs of her loving beings, I observes; that the big boys loaded containers of gallons with water, I follow them and realized that they used to wash tombs, an idea came to me; if it took a long round tube and we put the gallons in
the tube, we could take more water to the clients, therefore I did it.

I Invite my brothers to my campaign and we were a proud washing company of tombs, the greatest of the colonia, we start our business with rags, sponges and soap that we requested in donation for our neighbors and to our mother.

We did not rest and we did not need it, we were six in the team and each pair took care of a client, when the capacity of water was in half way, one team ran to the water faucet of the pantheon to fill the empty gallon containers.

We finished behind schedule and we liked that the queens call us to wash to their “santitos” (saints) and the tombs of their ancestors.

When finishing the work day, we gave the money to the Queen of the house, our Mother sure , and we were happy, because we made her happy an she demonstrated it, that day my mother prepared food for all, it served our favorite soft drinks and we dine and chat together.

The day of deads (Dia de Muertos) is the 2nd of November of every year, is a very traditional and important date for Mexico, and clear it was more important for all the microcompanies of “thombswashers” that existed in my vecindario ,and more for me.

Of course we washed tombs the on Mothers Day, Father Day , and the day of Juan Soldado, (Jonh the Soldier) is one of the saints who is in one of the pantheons that surround the neighborhood , people goes to request miracles from him, one of the most wanted miracles is to ask for the Visa to live in the United States.

Instead of asking what am I going to sell, what service is better ,or even worse, How am I going to be rich overnight? The question is: how can I serve you? , what is the need in this moment, in which I can help? Ask this and all your doubts will dissipated.


A King of my product or service?

Why a have to be a King of my product or service?

Because we take care of Queens! , in his book, Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland, tells us, after the appearance of the Cat:

“Well, it must be removed,' said the King very decidedly, and he called the Queen, who was passing at the moment, `My dear! I wish you would have this cat removed!'

The Queen had only one way of settling all difficulties, great or small. `Off with his head!' she said, without even looking round.

`I'll fetch the executioner myself,' said the King eagerly, and he hurried off.”

In this passage the changing humor of the Queen is observed, as she invents, as she decides, as administers and handles his kingdom, remembers she does not have time, and made these tasks according to her desires and needs.

On the other hand, there is the King, but not to the king of what we spoke in this book, the king of Carroll is a tiny King, without character, which it does not have will, he goes behind the queen saying “yes, yes, yes my dear”.

If your product and service are incapable to provide the satisfaction level and confidence that a King have to give in a territory, show your products to all less to the Queens, changes your strategy, observes in which you can fulfill and respond, and avoids or improves what it is not, don’t make the opportunity to convert you in a servant.


The King Live, Live the King (2)

In its book “Act like a CEO”, D.A. Benton (A Queen that thinks as a King) gives 1 of the 10 rules of how thinking like a King.

  1. Be Your self, unless you are a jerk

Integrity is important; how you do your work is more important that what your work is.

D.A. Benton comments to us that at moments of true problem it is where the character of a true Director is observed, She says that the way you lose is a good test of character.

So when you have a setback, a crisis or failure, don’t be a jerk:

· Don’t be overly convinced of your own importance

· Don’t think you are the exception to the rule in doing whatever you feel like.

· Don’t act only to please you.

· Don’t break your word.

· Don’t be dishonest.

· Don’t be mean or nasty.

· Don’t kick people in the face anywhere along the way.

· Don’t yell and scream.

· Don’t embarrass other.

· Don’t turn to your associate into road kill when the going gets tough.

· Don’t be arrogant, no matter how much of a right you think you have to be arrogant.

· Don’t get good at being bad.

This is only the first principle, and as we can observe, is personal, everything is related to the individual and its character, its motivation and intention and its capacity to auto control it self.